A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Hi made this game for the HPGJ game jam. The theme was "orbits".
Escape to go back to the menu
Left and right to turn around the current planet
Space to jump
R to restart the level
X to have an overview of the map

It's a very simple game and I didn't have the time to make more than 3 levels. That's why you can create your own maps.

To create a map, create a text file, with the .map extension. Now, each line will represent a planet. You have 5 arguments: x,y,radius,hasExitFlag,hasEnemy
Each arguments are separated with a comma, wit no space. After you created the file and set values, go in "Load custom level" on the main menu, and write the exact path of the file. For exemple, the level 1 is :


Orbits.jar 10 MB


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wow, you did a really good job with the graphics!

Thanks man !

I can't play yours, it's Windows only :(

Do you have a mac or Linux?

mac OS, but I have an old Windows dual boot, will try tomorrow

You *May* be able to download it now because I switched it from a "NSIS .exe" to a "single runtime .exe" I'm not sure, I don't know a lot about anything besides windows.

No it's not a mac OS application :) (.exe is for Windows only)

Yes the same, I checked 5 mins before, and right when I upload it I saw yours.

Did you play my game ?

Yes, It was actually really impressive, especially the graphics. Too bad there was no sound ;(

Lol you posted this game 2 minutes after i posted mine, i'm glad someone else participated